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Frequently asked questions

(transport, meals, laundry, holidays, visiting home, etc).

What does the program price include?

Gap year students: Everything in the program and accommodation. All the adventures and fun and even the courses done throughout the year. *Traveling out of the country is excluded, but any extra costs will be clearly communicated. All gap year students are advised to have a passport.

How does the accommodation work?

Students live on campus. The campus is in Somerset West on a small wine farm. Gap year students must stay in a group set up as part of the team dynamic we are generating. The campus is very safe, with a pool, security, and WiFi.

How do the student meals work?
Meals are not included in the program's price.
Students have the option to choose from option (a) to (c) just as they wish. We advise one meal from option (a) to ensure they eat healthily.

(a) Order healthy, balanced meals ("Ma se kos") from the PNX Student Catering kitchen

(b) Order directly from Hoogeind Cafe and whatever the menu offers

(c) Prepare their own meals- there is basic cooking essentials: fridge, hotplate, microwave, lockers to store food.

Can students have cars? How does transport, getting around works?
There are quite a few students with cars on campus so they can just assist one another or use a taxi, the closest shop is about 4 km's away.
Students are allowed to have cars, we just advise that you as the parent please make an effort to explain to them how to look after their cars mechanically and in general. The basics about maintaining and looking after their cars.
Can students go home during the year?
Yes, apart from PNX holidays where most students go home they are, as long as the PNX program allows it, more than welcome to go home any time during the year. 
Can students stay on campus during the holidays?
They are allowed, as long as they communicate it in advance. This is done for safety reasons that we are aware of all movement on campus.
There are washing machines and dryers that are operated by a token system that can be bought from the office. There are also washing lines, students should just bring their own washing pegs.
Can Gap Year students take extra music, drama, dance classes?

Yes, as long as this doesn't clash with their program or cause inconvenience to any other department. This is also an extra cost and not included in the program price.